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Hannah’s House offers a variety of mental health services including traditional counseling modalities, group workshops, alternative therapies such as Neurofeedback brain training, educational presentations, sponsored yoga & meditation training, and referral services.

Hannah's House: promoting mental health for kids, teens, and families in Vermont

Counseling Services

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Neurofeedback Alternative Therapy

Neurofeedback Training

Therapy for anxiety-based disorders including ADHD, sleep disorders & more.

Chrissy Rivers

Community Outreach

The many ways Hannah’s House serves our community and those in need.

Mental Health Financial Aid

Financial Assistance

Assistance for counseling and alternative therapies is available.

Access, Education & Alternative Therapies

Hannah’s House promotes mental health by three key service strategies: access, education, and alternative therapies.


Access to quality mental health care is ensured by providing mental health supports close to home and financial support for therapy to those in need of assistance. Our affiliated therapists provide individual counseling and group sessions in the Hannah’s House offices in Waitsfield and Waterbury, VT and on local school campuses.


Education is a vital component for helping to reduce the stigma isolating those with mental illness or their caregivers, for providing tools of prevention, and for providing resources and understanding. Hannah’s House partners with local schools and organizations to help sponsor parenting workshops, assemblies and presentations.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies have included on-site Neurofeedback brain training, art therapy, equine therapy, meditation & yoga workshops, drumming, therapy dogs and eating disorder clinics. Hannah’s House has provided scholarships and referrals for adjunct therapies in Waitsfield, Vermont and the Cambridge Eating Disorder clinic.


Our affiliated psychotherapists offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities employing traditional psychotherapy, DBT, Bowen Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Play Therapy, and Drug and Alcohol Counseling. Moose, our professional therapy dog, is very popular as are the group sessions for teens. Visit Our Team to discover more.


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