About Hannah’s House

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

~ Margaret Mead

Hannah's House: promoting mental health for kids, teens, and families in Vermont

Mission Statement

Hannah’s House is a community supported, non-profit mental health and resource center dedicated to promoting emotional and mental health for children, teens, families, and individuals by providing local, accessible counseling services, community outreach through education, financial assistance, and alternative therapies.

The Story of Hannah’s House

The idea behind Hannah’s House was out of the box:

“A nonprofit mental health center which would focus on young people, provide education and prevention, guarantee everyone could access therapy regardless of the ability to pay, and explore alternative therapies to medication where possible.”

Hannah’s House is the story of a community that came together after the death of a young member to help build a wonderful resource for the Mad River Valley. Her family started with an idea; friends, local organizations, businesses and strangers have helped build it.

A new model was designed to attract high quality therapists to our rural area: provide free office space, offer financial assistance to clients where needed, and build a team of executive directors and board members to help support the therapists. In turn, our affiliated therapists provide volunteer hours, counsel students on school campuses, work collaboratively, and help fill the mental health gap with creative workshops and group sessions.

Thanks to our community and generous donors, Hannah’s House now supports a team of top quality, licensed psychotherapists, rostered psychotherapists, a psychologist master, psychiatric nurse, canine therapeutic companion dog, and offices in Waitsfield and Waterbury, Vermont. We partner with local schools, help sponsor numerous educational events, and foster alternative therapies including neurofeedback brain training for anxiety disorders.

Our Vision

Hannah’s House is a grassroots organization dedicated to identifying barriers of access to mental health services and taking a strategic approach to remove them. While, in an ever-changing world, there are always challenges and shortages to navigate, Hannah’s House has made huge strides in reducing barriers and stigma around mental health services. Our goal is, with the support of our community and generous friends, to continue growing to ensure that anyone in need of mental health services has access to them.

We intend to continue working with the VT Office of Professional Regulation to reduce barriers for new or relocated mental health providers seeking licensure in Vermont. We will continue expanding educational presentations in schools, offering creative support groups to the community, partnering with other organizations to bring wellness opportunities to all of our hardworking school staff, and striving to meet the needs of our community as they arise.

Looking to the future, we hope to add to the foundation begun by several generous donors to ensure Hannah’s House has a sturdy capital fund to help support mental health services in our Central Vermont area. Our work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our partners over these past 14 years, and we are beyond grateful. We know that with continued support, no child, individual or family will have to be without the support they need in a time of challenge or crisis.


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