Chrissy Rivers

Hannah’s House is a grassroots organization dedicated to identifying barriers of access to mental health services and taking a strategic approach to remove them.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our donors and we are beyond grateful. As we begin our 14th year, we know that with your continued support, no child or family will have to be without the help they need in a time of challenge or crisis.

With deep appreciation,
Chrissy Rivers
Executive Director


Hannah’s House is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt, organization funded entirely by donations from our community, friends, family, businesses and grants from foundations.

Special thanks to the following contributors to our 2023 Fundraising campaign:

Platinum $5,000+

E. H. Smith & D. Ralph Charitable Foundation
F. Kincaid Perot
Lawson’s Finest
Paul Lynch M.D./E.G.A. Charity
Sally Olmsted/S&C Harvest Foundation
Jane and Stephen Fried Family Fund
Sugarbush Mountain Resort
The CE & FCA Foisy Foundation

Gold $1,000 – $4,999

Alexis and Seth Dalton
Alpino Vino LLC
Bill and Lisa Coyle
Carol and Charles Hosford
Cynthia & Alvan Carr Family Fund
E. Levy/Dewey Family Fund
Jon & Pam Rickard/Carol Lippincott Fund
Kasara & Jeremiah Gage
Kingsbury Companies, LLC
Margaret Daniel
MRV Community Fund
MRV Interfaith Council
Noel Mann
RK Miles, Inc.
Schley Family Charitable Fund
Skip and Marilyn Rosskam Giving Fund
Susan & Len Lucas
The Valley Rotary Club
Waitsfield United Church of Christ
Warren United Church

Silver $500 – $999

Adam and E. Anne Greshin Charitable
BC Family Fund
Catherine and Jonathon Shapiro
Charles and Susan Marston
Dorsey E. Gardner Charitable fund
Elizabeth Swartz
Lawerence Laing
M.R. and K.S. Woodruff
Phil and Linda Gellis
Sugarbush Real Estate

Bronze $500 – $999

American Online Giving
Bill and Kristin Reedy
Bob Cook and Freddie Mahlmann
Bonnie Knight
Catherine Jackson
David and Denise MacMartin
David and Janet Ellison
David and Karen Whipple
Deidre Fennelly
Dennis and Michelle Teravainen
Frederick and Mary Bashara
Gary and Janine Guggemos
George & Jayne Spanos
George Hall
Gib and Sue Geiger
Gillespie Fuels
Harry and Karla Cornelius
Helen Ann Scharges

Jeff and Beth Schoellkopf
Jernberg Family
Joan Cnossen
Joann and Mark Savino
John and Dana Donaldson
John Mendelsohn
Karen Barron
Kelly White
Kenneth Rubinstein
Lois Kaufmann
Mark and Kerri Bamford
Melinda and Rick Moulton
Michael and Barbara Feno
Mike and Sheila Ware
Nancy Smith
Nancy Thomas
Nelson Holland
Norma Marcellino

Patti Kaufmann
Rebecca Baruzzi
Rivers Building & Consulting Inc.
Robert and Deborah First
Robin and Mac Jackson
Sparky and Peggy Potter
Sue and Doug Stoehr
Susan (Wendy) Brauer
Susan Cummiskey
Susan Hoyt
Suzie and Wes Lowe
Thomas MacLeay
Tom Mehuron
Travis Rivers
Wayne Foster for FMTC
William and Dawn Sherriff
Yoga With K2, LLC

Friends $1 – $99

Arthur Bennett
Barbara and John Garvin
Christian Pratt
Colleen and Randall Haak
David Segre
Don Kaufman

Elizabeth Cadwell
Gretchen Stahl
Ivan Drechsler
Jeanne Nicklas
Joan Carson
Karen and Norm Gordon

Kathryn Lichtig
Kelly Reilly
Laurie Spaulding
Moretown United Methodist Women
Sharon Kellermann
Stephen McGill
William Nowlan


Hannah’s House would like to recognize the following partners who have been exceptional supporters of Hannah’s House over the past 13 years. Thank you for helping make our work possible.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill
Cynthia & Alvan Carr Family Fund
David & Karen Whipple
D & R First Family Foundation
Dorsey R Gardner Charitable Fund
Douglas & Bonnie Weill Foundation
E.H. Smith & D.R. Smith Charitable Fund
Entrust Foundation
Frederick & Mary Bashara
Fried Family Fund
Kasara & Jeremiah Gage
J. A. McDonald
Jamieson Insurance

Kingsbury Companies, LLC
Lawson’s Finest
Levey/Dewy Family Fund
Love Foundation
Lyndsay Foundation
Mad River Community Fund
Mad River Valley Rotary
Mark G. Hovanasian Foundation
Matt & Andrea Cox Family
Moore Design Builders
Mountainside Services
National Life Foundation & Group
Paul E. Lynch M.D. for E.G.A. Trust
Phil & Linda Gellis

Red Sox Foundation
R.K. Miles
Schley Family Charitable Fund
Sugarbush Mountain Resort
Sugarbush Real Estate
The Carol Lippincott Fund
The CE & FCA Foisy Foundation
Skip & Marilyn Rosskam Family Giving Fund
Susan Hoyt
The S & C Harvest Foundation
Thomas & Cheryl Kaminski
Von Trapp Greenhouse
Waitsfield United Church
Warren United Church


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