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Kathy Eddy

Kathy Eddy

For those seeking a sense of calm from a spiritual perspective: WELLSPRING: Centering Chant for Uncertain Times

A note from the composer:

Kathy Wonson Eddy is a retired Vermont pastor and gifted composer.

“As you may know, I began writing chants after I recovered from COVID; writing them brought me such inner peace and a sense of connectedness to God in these turbulent times.

WELLSPRING: Centering Chant for Uncertain Times now has 25 chants that are already recorded (thanks in part to a grant from the Vermont Arts Council). A new chant page has been designed for my website and fifteen of the chants are already on it.”

Tim Janis

Tim Janis

Tim Janis is a talented, prolific composer of amazingly rich and calming music. While he is well-known enough to do annual Christmas concerts at Carnegie Hall, he is also humble and accessible enough to do a benefit concert at the Warren United Church. This concert in August 2010 was part of the fund-raising launch for Hannah’s House.

The YouTube videos below feature his music accompanying stunning scenery.

2 hours of peaceful, relaxing, nature instrumental music

3 hour relaxing, peaceful, instrumental music

Peaceful Relaxing Instrumental Music, Meditation soft Music “Autumn Forest”

Beautiful Relaxing Music, Peaceful Soothing Music in 4k, “Autumn Cozy Cottage”

Insight Timer App

This wonderful app, Insight Timer, offers a great variety of guided meditations on many topics, including coping with anxiety, managing stress and improving sleep. It also has good, relaxing music. The app is free, as are many of the meditations and musical offerings on it. For some of the others—and for the courses they offer you need to subscribe.

When you download the app just go to the home page and select “Music”. Enjoy!

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